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An Interview With Yoshi Jones

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Yoshi Jones shop King St Newtown Photo by YOU ARE BRAVE

These days it seems just about everyone is broadcasting something about themselves ... about their achievements, their beliefs, their whole lives ... right down to what they had for lunch!

So it's intriguing to meet someone who's work is in the public eye and has a well known reputation in the fashion industry ... and yet is rather a lot more private than most.

Yoshi Jones designs and makes clothing. She's known for re-vitalizing vintage Japanese kimono and re-using the fabric in her own garments. Exquisite silks and cottons with breathtaking colour + traditional designs are lovingly restored and re-purposed by hand by Yoshi and her small team.

It was a real feast for my eyes when I visited her King St shop in Newtown for this interview. I'm sure I looked through absolutely every garment, every accessory and every piece of decor .... and I know didn't want to leave.

When I did eventually leave, I pondered how true artists and makers seem to have this unique relationship with their materials + their tools. Yoshi's love of the art and fabrics of Japan reflects her connection with her cultural heritage .... and in some way too, her quietly focused way of working feels timeless + Japanese in approach.

Here's Yoshi in her own words ....


1. What gets you up in the morning Yoshi?

My dog for his morning walk!

Yoshi Jones' dog Photo by YOU ARE BRAVE

2. How did you come to create Yoshi Jones the label?

The label grew organically from a love of textiles to the discovery of Japanese fabrics because of their beauty and durability.

3. What inspires your aesthetic & why?

I like simple lines and beautiful, natural fabrics

Yoshi Jones shop King St Newtown Photo by YOU ARE BRAVE

4. Who inspires you the most in life & why?

People who have a positive energy! In fashion I like Isabel Murant, Dries Van Noten and the label Mui Mui - they all use interesting fabrics!

5. What’s your dream project?

My dream project would be traveling the world sourcing beautiful fabrics.

Yoshi Jones Top photo by YOU ARE BRAVE

6. What are you reading / listening to right now?

Listening to Michael Kiwanuka "Cold Little Heart" and reading a thriller by Joy Ellis.

7. What’s new at Yoshi Jones?

Our autumn winter range has been arriving including Italian wool coats with Japanese silk vintage buttons,
Tunics in silk and cottons and tops made from vintage silk kimonos and merino wool.

Jacket by Yoshi Jones photo by YOU ARE BRAVE

Thank you to Yoshi + her team who welcomed me so warmly at her store and workroom in Newtown.

You can find Yoshi Jones at Level 1, 249 King St Newtown NSW 2042 or visit her online store at