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2015 ... That's A Wrap!

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Happy New Year to you!

With 2016 already here .... ( How did that happen? ) I look back at the year that was with some highlights + bests for the Brave.


Seems YOU ARE BRAVE's lined hessian Cosy Pots are in demand. And why not, they're pretty practical little storage buckets. These mini grey + natural colour was the most popular.

YOU ARE BRAVEs Most Instagram Likes for 2015

I love Instagram and you guys seem to love behind the scenes & works in progress images the most. So in 2016, I'll be sure to keep those sorts of images coming. Follow YOU ARE BRAVE on Instagram : @youarebrave or on Facebook : youarebrave.textiledesign

It was such a great honour to be featured alongside so many other Brave souls who have taken a big "Leap". Being interviewed by Kylie Lewis of Ofkin for her Leap Stories series was a highlight for me in 2015.

YOU ARE BRAVE Customer L P Artistry Shares Her You Are Brave Love

When a customer receives her YOU ARE BRAVE table linen + immediately sets her table in her new home + then posts on Instagram! .... That's some serious customer love! Thank you Lauren for sharing the Love.

YOU ARE BRAVE Featured on Home Beautiful's Creative Collection a Highlight for 2015
YOU ARE BRAVE Coolest Little Market Vibe in Sydney "The Warey" Annandale

"The Warey" in Annandale in Sydney's inner West has got to be the friendliest, most down to earth & vibey market in Sydney. It's only on twice a year + is hosted by the beautiful Cath from Prints Charming Original Fabrics. I highly recommend keeping an eye out for news of the next one!

2015 Was challenging, fun + I learned a lot. However, I'm looking forward to 2016 with excitement. This time of year is always so promising, I'd like to make it another year to grow, share & remember with fondness for all. Keep an eye out for the classes I will be running in Sydney + news of collaborations + new releases by signing up for my monthly newsletter.

Thank you for your wonderful support in 2015. Please have a Happy + Healthy 2016!