YOU ARE BRAVE textiles printed fabrics by textile designer Michelle Kistima-Menser

hand printed Australian textiles for the individual + their home

Inspired by nature's artistry YOU ARE BRAVE creates hand printed textiles + handmade decor for the modern home. Known for it's hand printed range of table linens + interior decor, YOU ARE BRAVE is appreciated by style makers who confidently look for simplicity + individuality in their furnishings.

YOUAREBRAVE Hand Printed Textiles Signature Print "Conidae Geometric"

merging relaxed Australian style with nature inspired prints, natural fibers + the uniqueness of hand printed fabrics


YOU ARE BRAVE textiles + decor is the creative outlet, meaningful work and labor of love for designer + textile printer Michelle Kistima-Menser.

YOU ARE BRAVE Hand Printed Textiles & Handmade Decor Made in Sydney Australia

YOU ARE BRAVE is proudly based in Sydney, Australia's inner western suburbs. With a distinctly coastal and earthy aesthetic about her prints, Michelle's roots in the Cape, Southern Africa is evident.

Growing up in Cape Town in the 70's she was surrounded by a large family that spent time together in the outdoors hiking, picking wild proteas on the family farm, camping in the mountains + at seaside picnics. This is where her eye for colour, shape, pattern and texture was first formed.

Studying fine art at university Michelle majored in sculpture + design. Later, finding her creative calling she trained in textile design + screen printing. The next 13 years was spent working for others as a commercial textile graphic designer but by 2013 Michelle had enough.

"I was longing to create things with meaning + to have more control over my life while spending more time with my young son. With my industry knowledge, supreme confidence in my skills + most importantly, the support of my family, I started YOU ARE BRAVE textiles."



Says Michelle, " I learned to sew on my Great Aunty Mabel's Empisal sewing machine back in Cape Town in the 70s.  She had a curtain making business that she ran from the home we shared with 9 other family members!!!  I remember sitting with her in the golden glow of the Empisals' light as she ran through the steps of threading the machine, safety, oiling and the different types of stitches.  She was patient and kind and a truly spiritual being who was known & loved in the local community.  She embodied Love and I adored her.  When she passed away I inherited the Empisal and although I now also have an industrial machine, I still prefer to use hers."

It still glows that beautiful warm light that reminds me of the very special relationship I have with my Aunty Mabel.

" In fact it was something she said when I was young and going through a tough time that pushed me to take the leap and start my own business.  At a time when I was confused and struggling to cope she consoled me and simply said "You can do it. You are brave."  So I decided that if she thought I can do this, then maybe I REALLY CAN?  I pushed on, knowing that I had her support and I DID get through it."


"So when I was disillusioned with yet another job that I'd put everything into and (yet again) that energy was not reciprocated ... I seriously thought about starting my own business.  It was scary but also exciting at the same time to think of the possibilities of being "my kind of creative" all the time. All I needed was a little nudge ... someone to say "You can do it" ... and after months of "umming & aahing" I remembered my Aunty Mabel, her faith in me & what she'd said decades ago ... "You are brave."